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Your Ultimate AP Exam Preparation Partner

Fully Personalised AP Tuition Program

Need help with your Advanced Placement (AP) exam? Prep Zone Academy is your trusted partner when it comes to achieving exceptional results on the AP exam, as we have more than 15 years of experience preparing students for the standardized tests and international school curriculum.

With our comprehensive curriculum and fully customized course structure, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your AP score goals, regardless of your academic background.

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Our Qualities

Prep Zone have an all-star training team

All-star Training Team

Prep Zone’s trainers come from top universities around the world, and are veterans at standardised test preparation. They also have extensive understanding of the nuances of the AP exams to help you improve.

Prep Zone Academy's personalised curriculum guarantees your academic growth

Fully Personalised Curriculum

Our AP tuition program is customised to meet each student’s needs. After assessing the student’s academic abilities, our trainers will design a fully personalised course syllabus to help you achieve your academic goal.

Prep Zone's US college admissions team boasts an incredible track record

Expert US College Admissions

Our team consists of many veteran admissions consultants who specialize in getting students into their desired colleges in the United States. With our help, you will dramatically increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice.

1-to-1 AP Tuition Program

At Prep Zone, we offer in-depth 1-to-1 tuition for a wide range of AP subjects. These tuition programs are designed with you in mind, academic improvement guaranteed.

During these 1-to-1 sessions, students will be trained with all facets of the exam – from content review to effective test-taking strategies. Our trainers will also provide frequent mock exams designed to mirror the actual AP exam format. A detailed performance report with your strengths and weaknesses will be provided after each mock exam.

We Offer Tuition For The Following Subjects

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